Lurking in the shadows, quietly creeping is where you will find him, mischievous Old Nico and his bag of tricks. Always watching, waiting to trip you up and catch you off guard.

Old Nico comes from nicotine found in cigarettes, tricky and harmful things that can hurt you, your family and your friends. If you let yourself be lured in, Old Nico and his loogies will be hard to shake off. Slowly but surely he will give you smelly clothes, make your breath bad and turn your teeth yellow. But worse he will steal your money, slow you down when playing sports and make you sick.

Old Nico can be found lurking in many places such as homes, offices and schools, but you have the power to stop him. Say no to cigarettes and you will be saving yourself, your family and your friends from of Old Nicos tricks!

Whenever Old Nico is creeping around you can be sure his disgusting Loogies are not far away. The Loogies come from harmful chemicals that are found in cigarettes. They latch onto your body and slowly change the way you look and feel.

They stick onto your mouth making it difficult to taste food. They then move into your lungs clogging them up and making it tough to breath. They also attack your heart, making it work harder to keep up. Outside of your body they latch onto your skin making it turn yellow, dry and wrinkly. These are just a few ways the Loogies can effect your body and the longer they are attached to you the worse it gets.